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We come from the world of ecommerce. In the world of ecommerce everything must be constantly tracked and tested. Every ad, every landing page split-tested. Every link measured. Good data is the prerequisite of profitable action.

In fact, our Ecommerce Email Marketing Service was built for our own needs because we've tried all the major Email marketing services out there and none have the ecommerce focus that our industry demands.

Go ahead, look around and you will see that they all seem to think "tracking" means simply reporting delivery and open rate. To reach our full business potential, we needed to know which links are clicked, how much money every mailing and every link earns.

We needed automated split-tested mailings. We need to know exactly how customers are reading our newsletters and how we can improve the next one. We just could not find anything truly appropriate for ecommerce - so we created the Ezine Designer Email Marketing Engine.

If you're serious about ecommerce you should take Ezine Designer for a spin. Ezine Designer can give you that priceless competitive edge you're looking for.

        Try Ezine Designer: our Ecommerce Email Marketing Service.


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