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Free Website Monitoring Service!

Your Website is Supposed to be up 24/7 -- but is it really?

Every day, thousands of small ecommerce websites like yours drop offline and stay down for hours ... even days before someone realizes what has happened! Your site probably goes down periodically and you don't even know it.

Easy Peace of Mind with no Hassle

Use the form below to generate a "tracking beacon" for your website. In a few moments, your website will be tied into a distributed monitoring network protecting you from downtime. Should your site ever go down, you will receive email and SMS (cell phone text message) notification. Sure, it's a little annoying to receive that SMS message at 3:00 AM telling you that your site is down -- but it's much worse to only find out your site is down six hours later!

Generate Website Tracking Beacon

Main contact information for weekly downtime reports:
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Note: we will not share your email address or send you solicitations. We use your email address to send you notification emails -- such as whenever your site goes down. We also send notification via SMS (cell phone text message) if you choose. Each email will have a "cancel notifications" link so you can discontinue the monitoring service with a single click. This is a zero-spam, free service!

Shouldn't you be the first to know when your site hiccups?

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring: eBiz-Monitor is a distributed network service. It never sleeps, it never goes down.
  • Automatic Alerts: When your website goes down, eBiz-Monitor sends you email and text-message (SMS) notifications immediately so that you can take action.
  • Won't mess up your Web Stats: Unlike other, often very expensive monitoring services, eBiz-Monitor will not mess up your web stats by constantly requesting pages. That's the magic of the beacon at work.
  • Periodic Reports: eBiz-Monitor sends you a periodic "report card" showing the health of your website over time. Low scores mean you need to re-think your web design or hosting company. This is information you need to succeed.
  • Free and Easy: No signup required, no complex software installation. Download and run the eBiz-Monitor tool to generate tiny "beacon" code which you can drop onto your home page. That's it! As soon as you add the beacon to your home page, 24/7 monitoring begins automatically. You're covered. Use the same email address to add "beacons" to each of your websites. We'll send you a single consolidated periodical report.

How reliable is your hosting company... are you sure?

eBiz-Monitor is a free website monitoring service that keeps an eye on your website -- from multiple locations across the country. If your site should go down, you'll get a quick email and text-message (SMS) notification. Every day or week, we'll send you a "report card" summary showing the uptime and quality of your server response. You can stop relying on guesswork and wishful thinking. If your site is frequently unavailable or if your pages often take a long time to load -- it's time to rethink your website design or find a new host. If you're serious about ecommerce, you need to know.

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