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Slam-Spam Rat Poison for Spam-Spiders

Join us in our "Slam-Spam" campaign! We're fighting spam the fun way -- by making spamming difficult and expensive!

How it works:

The Spam-Slam PHP script generates hundreds of random fake email addresses and links back to itself with a randomly changing name. When evil spam-spiders crawl this page, they'll "harvest" all the fake email addresses and then follow the random link back to this page again where the process starts all over again.

The nefarious email-stealing crawler will continue this loop over and over again, sucking down thousands of phony email addresses.

But How Does it Stop Spammers?

The biggest single cost of spamming is cleaning bad email addresses from harvested lists. If lots of webmasters and bloggers add this script to their sites, harvested spam lists will become hopelessly bloated with bad email addresses. This will drop the value of harvested email lists destroying the market for email-lists.

Together, we can make those lists worthless -- and make spamming both expensive and difficult!

What Can You do to Help?

  1. Have a PHP-enabled website or Blog? Download and add this script to your site: slam-spam script
  2. Keep your email address safe. Hide it from spam-spiders with this free anti-spam-tool.
  3. No PHP? Then send spam-spiders to this page by adding "bait" links.
    Just copy this HTML link code into your site or blog: (it should make a link like this: "Email List")

    <a href="">Email List</a>

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